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Big breasts-large natural breasts
Big natural breasts

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How to draw breasts for absolute beginner's.
Big breasts.

Drawing big breasts.

Below are some examples of how to draw big breasts. Again it is important to remember that the breast lays over the chest muscle and runs up toward the shoulder. It is made up of fatty tissue which surrounds the mammary glands and moves freely with the body. If you imagine a balloon full of liquid that is attached to the chest it will be easier to understand this tutorial.The bigger the breast the heavier it becomes and there fore the lower it will sit on the chest. Like the balloon. Skin is flexible and will stretch when put under tension, the same is true if you were to hold the balloon up in the air.The liquid will naturally settle in the bottom of the balloon drawing the sides in but it will stay flexible if you manipulate it or apply pressure. The same applies to a lesser degree to the natural breast.Below are a selection of sketches showing how big breasts should look on the body and there position in relation to the body.

Big breasts, full frontal. Large breasts In this sketch you can see that the bulk of the breast sits lower on the chest. Its weight naturally pulls on the skin above creating a slight inward curve from the top of the chest and shoulder.Like the balloon the rest of the breast containing most of the fatty tissue and mammary glands settle naturally on the body. It is important to note also that the area surrounding the nipples ( The areola ) becomes slightly elongated as the skin stretch's over the breast tissue. The general rule being the bigger the breast the greater the areola.

Big breasts, shoulders back
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In this sketch of a big breasted nude you can see that by drawing back the shoulders the breasts roll back and slightly flatten into the body. The nipples point slightly out and sit a little higher on the breast. You can see also how the Areola stretch's to the shape of the breast emphasizing its natural shape.

In the sketch's below note how the breasts hang down from the body. In the first sketch the subject is kneeling and looking forward. The breasts hang naturally from the body and again form a gentle curve from the chest and shoulder. Note also how the bulk of the breast sits slightly further forward and how the nipples sit up slightly. In the second sketch of a nude bending over notice how the breast is attached to the chest. At the area were the breast connects to the body you can see that it narrows while the bulk of the breast is larger and hangs down.

Big breasts leaning forward Big breasts bending over

Always remember that when drawing the breast use natural curving lines and don't worry if they are not perfect. After all no two breasts are the same and they always vary in shape and size depending on the subject. Always try to shade to the shape of breast. This will help emphasize it and make it look more three dimensional.

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Natural Breasts.