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Breasts and nipples in relation to body position.
Pointy nipples, mammary glands-pert nipples-erect nipples.

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Breasts and nipples in relation to body position.

Drawing breasts.

The following series of sketch's show how the breasts hang naturally from the body when the subject is leaning. It is important to remember that the breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue and mammary glands and so will move freely with the body and change shape under their own weight.

Crawling nude

In this first sketch you can see how the breasts hang down and slightly out under their own weight. This will also effect how the nipples will look on the breast so be sure to place them in the correct position to make the breasts convincing.

Breasts. Nude on knees leaning forwardBreasts. Nude on knees

In the sketch's above you can see that the more the body bends forwards the more the breasts begin to elongate and hang out from the body. The nipples begin to point down as the weight of the breast shifts further forward.

Breasts. Nude laying on back, side view Breasts. Nude laying on back, top view
In these two sketch's the subject is lying on her back. Notice how her breasts are lying naturally on her  chest. Note also how both breasts have flattened slightly onto the subjects body and how the arms effect the position of both breasts. Again you can see that the nipples have altered their position slightly on the breast.

rear view standing nude showing her breasts src=

In this rear view sketch of a standing nude you can see how the body position effects the way that the breast hangs from the body.

Nude bent over from behind Large breasted nude bending overIn these rear view sketch's of a kneeling nude and nude bending over you can see that the breast's hang naturally down from the body under its their own weight. It is also easy to see the change in shape that occurs naturally as the breast hangs under its own weight. This is because of the elasticity of the skin which stretch's under the weight of the breast's as the bulk fat and tissue moves to fill it's lowest point.

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