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Une dryade-Wood nymph,A Dryad, 1904.

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William Bouguereau.
Une dryade (A Dryad, 1904)

Une dryade (A Dryad, 1904)
William Bouguereau. Une dryade (A Dryad, 1904)

This painting by Bouguereau is of a naked young girl reclining on a bank, possibly near a stream, on the edge of a forest or perhaps even on a shore line. She is of medium build with a long slender neck, broad athletic shoulders, medium sized firm rounded breasts leading down to a slim narrow waist and long slender legs.

She appears to be deep in thought, perhaps contemplating what she should do next. Her face bares a similar resemblance to the face of Venus in Bouguereau's Venus and cupid which was painted around 1870. It was not uncommon for the artist to use the same model in various works and he was also renowned for portraying various parts of different models in a piece to complete the overall look of the subject.

The above account is my interpretation of the work and should in no way be taken as fact.

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