Hourglass female nudes
How to draw the Hourglass.

Drawing the hourglass figure.

Hourglass female nudes. The hour glass figure. Nude detail In the example shown I have pushed the shoulders back slightly on my subject to emphasise the breasts by pushing them out and forward.
You can do this by slightly raising the height of the shoulders so that the angle into the body appears slightly steeper. Remember also that by pulling the shoulders back you reduce the amount that is visible from the front so you will need to make them appear narrower. The rib cage will become more prominent also with an hourglass figure as the subject is slender in build.
This is because there is little body fat on the frame and having a thinner waist means that the upper body will appear more shapely and better defined as will the stomach, thighs and legs. Once this was done I set out the position of the breasts as in How to draw the Female breasts. I took a little time over the breasts as their look and appearance can make or break your finished sketch. I altered them several times until I was happy with their shape and overall look. The placement of the nipple is also very important as this can dramatically influence the appearance of the breast so be sure to take the time to position them correctly.

To exaggerate the hourglass shape; I decided to cross the legs of my subject as this will overemphasise the hourglass shape but you don't have to do this.

nude. The hour glass figure from behind The hourglass figure from behind.
When drawing the Hourglass figure from behind, it is important to remember that the waist is narrower than the shoulders and hips. Also even though the subject is facing away it is still easy to see her hourglass shape from the line of her shoulder to her buttocks. Her stomach is taught and pulled in and you can still see the outline of her rib cage. Again the placement of the breast is important as this helps to show the position of the subject.

nude. The hour glass figure kneeling. The hourglass figure kneeling.
Notice how the waist narrows on both sides and then gently curves back out over the buttocks. Again I have pulled the shoulders back slightly to emphasize the breasts and rib cage. Note also how the stomach area is flat and gently curves to the pubic area.

nude. The hour glass figure reclining
The hourglass figure reclining.
Notice again how the rib cage is visible above the waistline. Again it is easy to see the tuck in the waist as it narrows toward the hips. The stomach appears flat and there is a gentle curve toward the pubic region and buttocks. It is important again to note the position of the breast and nipples in relation to the upper body.