Vénus et Cupidon.Venus and Cupid (c1870).

William Bouguereau.
Vénus et Cupidon (1870)
Venus and Cupid.

Museum of John Paul II Collection
Porczyński Gallery

Venus and Cupid. Vénus et Cupidon

William Bouguereau.Vénus et Cupidon (1870)

This painting by Bouguereau is set on a shore line or dry mountain path. In the back ground there are cliffs that are set against a cloudy sky suggesting perhaps the coming of rain. It portrays a scene of a young girl, possibly even Venus/Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love beauty and sexuality navigating here way across a dry sandy, rocky landscape with Cupid on her back. It is a partial nude depicting a young woman wearing a blue silken robe which has slipped off her right shoulder exposing her naked breast. She has youthful eyes and a youthful complexion and her dark brown hair is tied up and being held in place by a golden hair band. She has a slender body and long athletic legs that can be seen in the outline of her robe. She is carrying a young Cupid/Eros on her back and he is staring mischievously over her shoulder as if to see if she can see what he is trying to do. In his right hand he is holding a branch with which he appears to be waiting for the right moment to playfully tap Venus as a jockey would do to a horse as if to spur her on. Her expression is that of a loving mother playfully and lovingly carrying her child as she carefully negotiates the undulating surface beneath her feet.