Famous nudes. William Bouguereau.
The birth of Venus-la Naissance de venus c1879

The birth of Venus-The rising of Venus-la Naissance de venus c1879.

la Naissance de venus c1879

Famous nudes. William Bouguereau. The birth of Venus, The rising of Venus, la naissance de venus c1879

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Probably one of my most favourite artists has to be William Adolphe Bouguereau who was born in La Rochelle France on November 30th 1825. Since starting this site and learning more and more about art and artists as a result of the research I do, I always find myself stopping to view his work whenever I stumble across it. I am no art expert and until recently knew very little about the subject but there is something about the way he portrays his subjects, especially the female form and his brilliant use of colour that seems to hypnotise me and holds my gaze.

I have viewed several works by other artists but for me, none of them seems to be able to capture the personality of the subject like Bouguereau.

One piece by a Czech born artist Joseph Tomanek held my attention, and for a moment I believed I had found another work by Bouguereau. The Piece was entitled Nude in a Landscape c1920 in which the subject appears to be laying on a blanket with her feet on the edge of a bank or slope. The way she is posed and the similarity in the colours used for her skin tone and the surrounding foliage really had me guessing.