Femme au Coquillage. Woman with a sea shell.(1885)

Girl with a seashell. (1861)

Woman with a sea shell. Femme au Coquillage.(1885)
William Bouguereau. Femme au Coquillage. ( 1885)

In this painting titled Femme au Coquillage. Woman with a sea shell by William Bouguereau, a young woman is portrayed kneeling by the side of a rock pool in a rocky outcrop or grotto by the edge of the sea. She is of a youthful appearance being perhaps in her mid teens or early twenties. She has long chestnut hair, innocent blue/slate grey eyes and a fair complexion. She is of medium build with broad well shaped shoulders, medium sized full rounded breasts and pert nipples suggesting that she may be feeling a little cold. Her waste is narrow and she has wide hips indicating that she perhaps has a an hour glass figure. She is holding a conch shell up to her ear to listen to the sound that comes from it. A long standing childhood practice of listening to the sea. Perhaps she found the conch shell in the rock pool that is in front of her at her feet. Her left arm is raised and her hand is positioned in a manner that may suggest that she is indicating that you need to wait before the sound of the sea reveals itself from within the shell.