Venus at her toilet. Le toilette de Venus.

Venus at her toilet: Le toilette de venus.(1873)
National museum of fine arts, Buenos Aires.

Le toilette de Venus (1873)
William Bouguereau. Le toilette de Venus (1873)

In this painting titled Le toilette de Venus by William Bouguereau, Venus is portrayed in a secluded spot by the bank of a river, or on the shore of the ocean. Behind her there are branches and foliage trailing over the rocks which are providing cover and privacy for her to bathe in the waters beyond. She is pictured naked with her arms raised and she appears to be placing a small sprig in her golden hair to fasten it up . She is gazing out of the picture as if aware that she has an admirer and yet her relaxed facial expression suggests that she is comfortable being viewed. Her body is of a slender build with smooth skin, medium, firm breasts with pert nipples , a slim waist, narrow hips and smooth elegant well shaped legs. She is kneeling with her left foot tucked under her as she sits gracefully on the ground. To the left of her, her jewellery is placed in a neat pile upon the ground having been carefully removed prior to her bathing.

The above account is my interpretation of the work and should in no way be taken as fact.