Spring Breeze-La brise du printemps.
A young girl at the edge of a pool.

William Bouguereau.
Spring Breeze
La brise du printemps. (c1895)

Spring Breeze-La brise du printemps-partial nude.Naked young girl at the edge of a pool. (c1895)
William Bouguereau. Spring Breeze. La brise du printemps. (c1895)

In this painting by William Bouguereau a young girl is portrayed sitting against a large rock at the edge of a pool. The reeds to her right are gently leaning in the breeze and there are small shimmers of light reflecting off the gently moving water in the pool. It appears that she has been bathing or perhaps has finished bathing and was preparing to leave as she is partially naked with her robe resting across her hips and in the crook of her right arm exposing her smooth naked flesh and upper body for all to see. By her gaze she has become aware that she is being looked upon, possibly by a voyeuristic Satyr and is covering her exposed medium sized breasts with her hands that she has placed over them so as not to expose them to her onlooker. She has not been completely successful in her attempt to cover her breasts fully and appears unaware that her left nipple is still partially exposed still giving her onlooker a brief glimpse of what she is trying to hide. Perhaps she is conscious that she has erect nipples as a result of the cool spring breeze kissing her body and is embarrassed to show them or maybe she is just uncomfortable with the idea watched. If you look closely at the right hand corner of the piece you can make out the artists signature and date. William Bouguereau 1895.

The above account is my interpretation of the work and should in no way be taken as fact.