Venus-Venus with doves-beautiful naked young woman-banana figure.

William Bouguereau.
Venus avec des colombes.
Venus with Doves (1879)

Ackland Art Museum, University of Carolina Chapel Hill.
Venus with Doves. Venus avec des colombes.

This painting of a nude by William Bouguereau titled Venus with doves is a
3218"x 1838" inch Oil on Canvas piece which is currently housed at The Ackland  Art Museum at the university of Carolina Chapel hill where it is not on display.

The piece features a beautiful naked young woman standing alone in a quiet secluded spot in a woodland clearing with doves flying about her. The subject is Venus. She is portrayed with a relaxed thoughtful look on her face and appears to be scratching, or picking some thing from her shoulder as her right hand is on her shoulder with her index finger cocked as if to remove something, a feather perhaps. Her left hand is resting gently on her rib cage just below her left breast and it appears that she is gently caressing herself. She is portrayed having a banana/rectangle figure with narrow shoulders, narrow hips and small rounded breasts. Her head is cocked slightly to her right and she is looking down towards her shoulder suggesting that she is indeed trying to remove something from it.

It is difficult to tell exactly how many doves are portrayed in this piece as Bouguereau has chosen to depict the doves as having a ghost like manner possibly with the intent of symbolising movement, grace, purity and unconditional love.

The above account is my interpretation of the work and should in no way be taken as fact.