Eros-Wounded Eros. Young woman with medium firm rounded breasts.

William Bouguereau.
L'Amour blessé. Wounded Eros (1857)

Wounded Eros. L'Amour blessé (c1857)

William Bouguereau.L'Amour blessé. Wounded Eros (1857)

This painting by Bouguereau is set in a woodland and portrays a scene of a semi naked young girl, possibly even Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love beauty and sexuality. She has smooth milky skin and a youthful complexion with medium firm rounded breasts, youthful eyes and golden hair. She is seated on a rock tenderly caring for a young Eros who appears to have injured or twisted his ankle. Her expression is of slight concern as associated with that of a mother caring for her child. The young Eros is cuddling into her seeking comfort while looking down at his shin. He appears to be pulling his leg up slightly as if to show his injury, while the young girl gently supports his foot. The colour and similarity between their hair suggest that this scene may have been intended to be a moment of tenderness between Aphrodite and her fabled son Eros.

The above account is my interpretation of the work and should in no way be taken as fact.