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The Na'Vi have a highly evolved nervous system that includes a "Queue" which resembles a long, rather ostentatious hair braid. This seemingly conventional braid actually sheathes a remarkably intricate system of neural tendrils that can be connected to similar structures of other life-forms. See'vi

On this this page I have devised a tutorial to help you to practice drawing a braid, as if you are like me and struggle getting it to look right I have hopefully devised a method for you to practice drawing a convincing hair braid.

The first thing you need to do is to draw 4 straight lines of roughly equal distance apart. then draw a line across the four lines. This will help you line up your braids as you draw them. Once you have done this you can start with your first braid. Start by drawing an arrow head like the one shown. It is important that the tip of the arrowhead is off set from the centre ( A ) so make sure it touch's one of the outer lines as shown. Once you have drawn your arrow head start at point ( B ) and draw a curved line to meet the base of the arrowhead at
( C ) then do the same the other side only this time curve your line from ( D ) back to the other side of the arrowhead at ( E ). This will give you a shape that looks similar to a boomerang or two claws resting against each other.
Now for the fun bit. Continue repeating the process making sure that you try to line the sides of the braid up ( F ) You will need to concentrate at first but once you get the hang of it it's actually easier than it looks.

How to draw braids. Drawing braided hair

Another way to remember the pattern is to visualize a zig zag down the centre of the braid marked in red.

A quicker and not as accurate way to draw a braid is to draw a T at about 45' making sure you stager the cross bar of the T as you go. See Below.

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