Basic facial detail.
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How to draw the female face for absolute beginner's.

Basic facial detail.

Adding facial detail.

EyesI started with the eyes as they always bring the face to life. Firstly I drew two almond shapes then adjusted them slightly to balance them up. I then outlined the shape with a sharp 4B pencil. I also use an HB.

Next, I drew two circles inside of the almonds to create the iris and using my 4B pencil did the same to the outside edge of the circle as I did to the almond. Again using the 4B pencil I drew another smaller circle inside of the larger circle to create the pupil. Remember this is a basic tutorial and you will need to practice, practice, practice.

The next stage was to shade the iris with a lighter shade. I used an H pencil for this. Firstly I lightly shaded the whole area of the iris and then added a little detail by using the tip of the pencil to create small random lines. I also shaded above the eye to make it look more realistic. The next thing to do was to add the eyebrows which I lightly pencilled in first until I was happy with their shape and then added some detail. Adding the detail to the face and making it look real will come with practice as the more you do the better you will get and like me you will start to learn and understand what works and what doesn't. Be patient though because it won't happen overnight.

Basic facial detail. How to draw basic eyes

Nose. The next thing I did was to slightly emphasise the nostrils. Again I used a 4B pencil. I then used the H pencil to lightly shade the top and bottom of the nose to give it some shape. Do not worry if it looks too big or too small, again you will start to learn what works and it doesn't matter how many times you rub out and try again, You will get it right eventually. The thing I found that I struggled with most was getting the shape of the nostrils right so I studied lots of pictures and came to the conclusion that if I drew them as I would if I were drawing a quick cartoon picture of a bird in flight See also or even a set of bicycle handlebars I could get them pretty close. You will find that the shape of the nose will completely change the appearance of the face.

Basic sketch bald female

The mouth.

I applied the same principle as the nose to form the top lip and then added the bottom lip accordingly shading it and detailing it using the same technique as the eyes. (See lips and mouth)

The hair.

That was the fun bit as you can let your imagination run wild. I chose to give my female long hair but she can have short hair, spiky hair or no hair at all, it's entirely up to you. See also Just try to retain the shape of the face and head as I found that too much hair completely ruined the picture. ( That was only my opinion, it's up to you really.)

As stated in the title this is a beginners guide, and I like you am a beginner. I have written this tutorial in real time as it happened and all pictures and sketches are as they happened. Most aren't that great but I will keep practising until they are.

Basic female face sketch

Another way to practice drawing female faces is to use images and photos.
In the next part of this tutorial we will learning how to draw a face using a photograph.