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Below is a selection of some of the best needlework supplies online. If you want to be listed here please suggest your site.

Free Needlework and Needlecraft tutorials.

  • Craft and Fabric links. Free Patterns and Lessons.
  • Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery This site has the Needlework FAQs, archived material from online discussions, and some online gadgets to help get that next project started.
  • Learn to Net (Tutorials) Netting is created by tying knots over plastic or metal gauges called mesh sticks. It has been done for centuries. From the creation of fishing nets to the creation of beautiful lace, the skills were passed down from one generation to another. This site was developed to acquaint people with the art of netting, to show what netting looks like, and to teach others how to make their own netting.
  • Needlework Index (Tutorials) If you want to learn to do Cross Stitch or Embroidery stitches, Hardanger, Draw thread or Pull thread this is a great place to start with fully animated illustrations and detailed explanations showing you how to form stitches and create basic designs.
  • Photo to Cross stitch (Tutorials) From an ordinary photo you can create your own personal cross stitch. A favourite image can be transformed into a masterpiece that you and your family can appreciate for all time.
  • Wristband Exspress Crafting with your Hands: Needlework Arts!