How to make a Easter Bunny easter egg holder.

Free easy to make Easter craft projects for schools.

Ks2 to Ks3 Easter craft project.

This project is perfect if you are planning an Easter egg hunt as each Easter bunny can be painted or decorated differently and used to hide small Chocolate cream eggs around your garden.

Free downloadable templates.

For this simple project you will need.

A craft knife or Scissors.
Plain or coloured card.
A Ruler.
Crayons or coloured pencils (optional).
pastels or paints (optional).
A paint brush (if using paint).
PVA adhesive or craft glue.
Small paint brush, Glue spreader or glue stick.

To begin, firstly download the Free Easter Bunny easter egg holder image into your chosen file. Secondly, open the image in your prefered photo editing suite, MS Paint or similar. If you are using a standard size cream egg like the one used in this tutorial you will need to select print and then print the image at 100% normal size.

However, if you wish to make a larger version for a bigger Easter egg you will need to scale the image accordingly. For a rough guide the egg used in this tutorial measures approximately 50mm high x 35mm wide so for example if you have an egg that measures 100mm high x 70mm wide then I would double the size of the actual image.

See below to download two free easter Bunny templates.

Free downlaodable Easter Bunny Easter Egg holder

Click on the image to download it:

Free downlaodable Easter Bunny Easter Egg holder

Click on the image to download it:

With the free Bunny template downloaded and printed off it is now time to carefully cut it out as shown. This is quite fiddly for the small Easter egg so if you are considering using it I would recommend using a craft knife to do so. Free downloadable Easter Bunny Easter Egg holder for Schools and Easter Craft projects.

Once the template has been cut out colouring it first before assembling is probably the best option.

To easily assemble the free Easter Bunny egg holder first bend all the tabs as shown below. Note: There are four folds needed. The first is on the end of the base of the template marked as A. The second is on right hand side of the template marked as B. The third is the actual part of the template that will form the holder for the egg, marked as C and the fourth, marked D forms the base of the egg holder.Free Ks2 - Ks3 Easter craft projectys for home and School

With the tabs bent it can now be stuck together and once dry you can place your Easter egg in the holder behind the Easter Bunny. As can be seen in the images at the start of this tutorial.How to make an Easter Egg holder. In this fun simple project you can make and decorate your own free Easter Bunny easter egg holder.