Avatar Na'Vi female 2 pt 3-Feline eyes-Feline nose-Feline mouth

Avatar: Facial detail sketch's

The Na'Vi facial characteristics are very similar to felines so here are some samples of my own attempts to help you on your way.

Na'Vi female eyes.

The Na'Vi have cat like eyes which are larger than a humans. They are almond shaped and taper toward the nose. The Iris is large with a large pupil. Notice how adding a reflection to the eye helps to bring it to life.

Avatar Na'Vi female 2. Face detail, eyes.

A Na'Vi nose.

The Na'Vi nose is wider than a humans and unlike a human female the Na'Vi female eyes are spaced farther apart to allow for this. The over all look of the nose is cat like with a handle bar type appearance at the tip and larger flatter nostrils. Imagine you are drawing a lion when drawing the nose.

/Na'vi female face detail, nose.

Na'Vi mouths

The Na'Vi mouth is very similar to that of a human only it is slightly wider. When the mouth is opened only then does it become apparent that the mouth is feline and not human as there is a slight bifurcation of the upper lip. They also have cat like teeth with pronounced canines/fangs to the upper and lower jaw.

Na'vi female face detail, mouth