Avatar Na'Vi female. How to draw a female Na'Vi female face

A step by step guide to drawing a Na'Vi female face from the film Avatar.

Avatar: The Na'Vi female.

Using the same principles as my previous tutorial on thefemale face I will try to show you a quick and easy way to draw a Na'Vi female face similar to Neytiri from the motion picture Avatar by James Cameron.

To start your face first draw an egg with the narrow end pointing down and divide it up as shown. If you are unsure how to divide it up please see female face where you will find a brief guide on how to divide the female face into equal proportions.

Avatar Na'Vi female, Na'Vi female face proportions

The next thing you will need to do is to set out the face by marking points on the horizontal lines to show the width of the eyes nose and mouth. Unlike the normal female face the gap at the top of the nose between the eyes will need to be slightly wider than normal as the Na'Vi female has a wider more cat like nose. The base of the nose will need to be slightly wider also. The mouth however will remain almost the same although it is slightly wider than an average female with its widest point being roughly in line with centre of the eyes.

Avatar, Na'Vi female face setting out

Once you have set out your points you can start adding the features. The first thing you will need to do is to lightly sketch the outline of the eyes. The eyes are larger and more almond shaped with a cat like appearance. She has a large iris's and her eyes taper sharply at the corners giving her that feline look. See below.

Avatar, Na'Vi female face eyes and mouth shape Avatar, Na'Vi female eyes Na'Vi female nose side profile

Once you have drawn the eyes you will need to lightly sketch the nose. As mentioned earlier the nose is again feline and there fore appears wider and flatter than a human nose. The base of the nose is shaped more like the handle bars on a push bike. See When drawing the nose I tried to imagine that I was sketching the nose of a lion.As you can see in the pictures above and below the nose strongly resembles that of a cat rather than that of a humanoid female.

Na'Vi nose sketch Na'Vi female nose

The next thing to do is the mouth. You have already set out the points for the mouth so now all you need to do is to lightly sketch the outline. You can find a tutorial on lips and mouths at the link or see a more detailed Na'Vi mouth sketch HERE, if you are already confident you can draw the mouth in the same way you would draw a normal human female mouth only try to make it slightly wider at the corners.

Avatar, Na'Vi female face detail the mouth
Once you have sketched the mouth it is time to start shaping the face. The Na'Vi are a tall humanoid race that grow from nine to twelve feet. 2.7 - 3.7m tall and have long narrow bodies and limbs. They have narrower more pointed faces and high cheek bones so try to shape the face accordingly. Their chins are fairly prominent and they have a narrow taper/almond shaped face giving them a pixie/elven like appearance. See also.

Avatar, Na'Vi female face. Initial sketch
Once you are happy with the shape of the face you can add the Ears. See Na'Vi ears. The ears are a prominent feature as they visibly protrude from the head, being pointed and mobile similar to a bat but again with a cat like appearance. They are sited just above the eyes and sit at the side of the head.