How to draw a portrait using the grid method.

Drawing a portrait in six easy steps.
The cleaned up and finished portrait.

Step 7:

Well done you have now completed the tutorial on how to draw a portrait. Our portrait is now complete and we can begin to think about our next project. Do not worry if your representation is not a picture-perfect copy and try not to be too critical of your work. Learning how to draw a portrait takes time and hundreds of hours of practice.

Being your own critic.

It is okay to examine your work and look for ways to improve your style and technique. Never the less, never be so critical that you put yourself down and demoralize yourself. Believe me, there are plenty of others who will be more than happy to do that for you.

Keep on practising.

If you are not happy with your work, when you are ready, get yourself another sheet of paper and start again. Art should be enjoyable not a task, battle or chore if you find yourself getting angry, or frustrated, stop. Wait until you are in a more positive focused frame of mind then try again.

In time, you will find that your patience and perseverance pay off.

I did this recently by having another go at the original portrait to see how much I had improved (shown below my first attempt).

There are no time limits. The more you draw and practice the more you will learn to develop your own style and techniques. In time, you will become a more accomplished artist. Be happy and proud of what you have achieved before you started this tutorial you had a blank sheet of paper but now you have something that hopefully you can be proud of and learn from. Look forward to your next project. You can only get better.

How to draw a portrait. Finished-portrait of Sasha.

How to draw a portrait using the grid method

As you can see in the images above it pays to keep on practicing. The second more recent portrait above is a more accurate and lifelike representation of the subject, (Still not perfect, though) and this has only been achieved by continually practising when the opportunity presents its self. I have also watched some interesting videos online that I have added to this page and there are more video tutorials on other pages on the site for you to watch and learn from.