How to draw mouths.

How to draw lips & mouths.

How to draw mouths.

In this easy to follow tutorial, you will learn how to draw mouths really easily.

There are several ways to learn how to draw mouths, but like you, I am a beginner so I'm going to use the method that works best for me. There are also some quick tips which you can find in The head and face. tutorial but below is a more detailed approach.

Deciding the shape of the mouth.

The first thing you need to do is to decide the shape of your mouth and lightly sketch the outline. Don't worry about shaping the lips yet, all you are looking for is the overall look of the mouth. The other important thing to do is to make sure you have a sharp pencil.

How to draw mouths. Lip tutorial. Lip outline

Deciding how the lips will look.

Once you have the basic shape of the mouth you can decide how you want the lips to look and lightly draw them in.

lip tutorial. Lip shape

Shaping the lips.

Now you have the basic outline of the mouth and lips you can start to shape the lips. I always find that if I use the basic principle of ovals, circles, and triangles I can shape a pretty convincing mouth. The size of your shapes will define the look of your mouth so make sure you use the right size shapes. The larger the shapes the fuller the lips appear.

Learn how to draw mouths. Lip tutorial. Shaping the lips.

As you can see. Once you have added your shapes the mouth begins to take on a whole new more convincing look which you can work on to perfect its final shape.

Lip tutorial. Adding detail to the mouth

Adding detail to the mouth and lips.

Once you have the shape of the mouth and lips add a little detail and bring your mouth to life. As this is only a beginner guide all I will say is try to pay attention to where the light is coming from and always remember to shade or colour the lips in sweeping lines to the shape of the lips as they are always three dimensional.

lip tutorial. More detail

Mouths are not easy so don't give up. Keep experimenting with different shapes and sizes and you will soon be drawing convincing mouths.