How to draw an Elephant Graphite elephant portraits.

Graphite elephant drawing.

Drawing Elephants.

Step 5: The finished picture.

Once you are happy with the initial look of your graphite elephant drawing you can then begin to fine-tune and refine the definition and details as I mentioned earlier.

Firstly, using a thin piece of eraser that I cut from a larger eraser I began to pick out some detail. Starting with the elephant's ears then moving on to the trunk, body, and legs.

NB: You can also get electric erasers for picking out the finer details which most professional artists prefer to use. There are also some other types of eraser options available like Tombow Mono zero erasers. Since first writing this tutorial I have started using the Tombow erasers and have had pleasing results in doing so.

I also darkened a few areas to create the illusion of depth and to give my Elephant a more realistic three-dimensional appearance. Using my mechanical pencil I also picked out and added a few of the finer lines. These were mainly in my elephant's ears. Around the elephant's eyes, and legs. Once I was completely satisfied with my finished picture I carefully removed all the Gridlines and reference points using a standard eraser until all that was left was my completed elephant picture.

How to draw an Elephant. Elephant sketch

This concludes my tutorial on how to draw an elephant. The elephant is the tutorial was an adult. If you would like to learn how to draw a baby elephant there are a few more easy to follow tutorials available. With a really easy to follow tutorial called Baby elephant bath time. You can also find a free baby elephant template here!